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Service for Plumbing

- Tunnel under slab or In Rock
- Trenching Services for ( sewer, water, gas, & electrical )
- Access Holes / Pits
- Manual Excavations & Back fill
- Concrete Cutting

Trenching Services

Are you having trouble with underground lines? Do you need to install domestic piping? JB Tunneling provides hand digging or under slab tunnels in rock or under sidewalk trenching to allow for an easier installment or replacement. Trenching for sewer, water, gas & electrical has never been easier, with the help of JB Tunneling. We complete the project to your specifications and in a timely manner, offering 24/7 services for those unexpected emergencies. Would you like to learn more? Call Today! 

Tunneling Services

JB Tunneling gets the job done for all Texas residences needing to replace or repair underground leaking sanitary piping. Tunnels under slab are used to gain access to the interior of your house, without having to break a hole inside your floor. We provide Tunneling for both commercial and residential customers in Dallas, Texas. Call our team of experts today!

Other Services

- French Drains
- Pool Demolitions
- Wood Fences